Un audio di Serena Quercia, Roma, con le sue riflessioni riguardo ai cambiamenti avvenuti in lei in seguito alle nostre sessioni di attivazione sonora, massaggi sonori. L'audio mi è stato mandato senza intento di offrire una testimonianza e poi usato a tale scopo con il permesso di Serena. Luglio 2022


"If I look back I cannot recognize myself. I have activated many characteristics of mine at an energy level. I am much more sure of myself, I have more vision and direction. I have had so much benefit. It is like an ascending energy, I feel like I am elevating, going a step up each time. I have taken many different inner growth paths but the one I have done with you is perhaps the one that helped me the most"

Domietta Tedeschi Lancetti - Dominican Republic December 2020

Soul Realignment Therapist

"The path of evolution through which Nadia supported and guided me allowed me to make a real journey of growth inside myself and outside of myself. I had the opportunity through the work we did together to have access to such knowledge and to make choices that I never imagined I would be able to make. It was as if the light had illuminated the darkness that did not allow me to see things as they really are, all with the help of Nadia's empathic and loving guide. I wish everyone the same luck that I had. " Veronica, Genoa, August 2020

Last week in yoga I was talking about chakras and becoming aware of them and  when I asked people's experience of this several people mentioned that their sound work with you had given them more awareness of their chakras and had been very powerful for them. 

Cora, Yoga Teacher, Canterbury, UK (December 2019)


Thanks, Nadia! I'm fine now and I'm dealing with various changes - things are moving faster now, it seems, after a 'blocked' phase. I really appreciate your work, it's unique.
Katherine, Canterbury, United Kingdom

I came to the session last Thursday and I was very happy.
I had a headache but I woke up with a sense of purpose and energy.
I would like to repeat the session. Thank you for all you do, I am so happy to have met you and to have been introduced to the QA
Sally, Canterbury, United Kingdom

I participated in the Quantum Awakening without any awareness of what it was and, on that occasion I met Ima Nadia.
As a first experience I was deeply struck by the wonderful and harmonious sounds that hovered in the air during the session, produced by the voice of Ima and the instruments she used: Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls...
The thing that impressed me most in a positive sense, were the words that were gently whispered in my ear, giving me an important key to the delicate situation I was facing at the time.
From that day I started a journey together with Nadia through individual and group sessions such as natural Qigong and Quantum Awakening, which completely changed my life making it more harmonious, joyful, spiritual and full of positive energy.
I am really happy and grateful to have known an unknown world to me but, above all, to have met Ima Nadia.
Anna, Genoa

So, at this time I am literally submerged by at least 4/5 job offers and I'm happy but a little torn because I'll have to make a choice .. I went on a hike with a yoga group, with a super teacher who gives me so much and right from the first time I went into positions that some cannot do in years, as if I had always done them ... and I met wonderful people within the group and everyone told me and wrote beautiful things about me without me ever looking for it..
Gaia, Sarzana


It could be a coincidence, but since that day some negativity which had slowed me down since the end of August dissolved. Now well.
Silvia Genova

Hi, thank you for everything, I feel good, I feel more present, serene and I feel that joy I was telling you about that I was missing ... I was walking in the street when I heard music and I felt like dancing, I feel that something has unlocked .
Rosanna, Genoa (after the first natural qigong session)

Today, at Cairo Montenotte, after the third group session led by Nadia, whom I thank, I began to feel the power of vibrations.
The first session was not very fruitful for me, as I was trying to rationalize the event. In the absence of surrender to the sound and to Nadia, the powerful but subtle vibrations could not penetrated my defense shield.
The second session gave me positive feelings and food for thought.
Today the session was very intense. It has worked deeply on me and on some of the other participants as per their testimonials. I believe that the vibrational work on oneself must also be cultivated individually to reinfornce Nadia's work, who offers her knowledge and methods with competence and simplicity. Thank you.
Renato, Cairo Montenotte

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