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How can we ensure a good New Year for ourselves and others..

Monday17th January from 6:00 - 7:30pm

on zoom

During the session we will be exploring this ancient Hawaiian practice. It is a practice that can be used to heal yourself and others and it can help to release negativity.  Blocks to your own self realization, fulfilment and happiness can disappear when the technique is used.  It is based on the premise that difficulties arise from memories present in our subconscious,  and that problems are solved by clearing these memories.


Nadia Menichetti is a holistic healer who has worked with this technique for many years and has had some miraculous results  with it both for herself and others. Visit her website to find out more about her


During the meeting she will give a brief explanation of Ho'oponopono, and we will have the chance to work with some memories and go through an exercise to build the ground for an ideal reality.


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The cost of the meeting is £5.00. Please only use the link above to book and pay

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L'incontro è a donazione di 5 euro per il ConsciousCafè, un'associazione londinese senza scopo di lucro che promuove conversazioni consapevoli in tutto il mondo. Per partecipare usa il bottone per la donazione che sarà erogata direttamente all'associazione. E' necessaria la prenotazione chiamando il 377.188.9346